Frequently Asked Questions

Cryptopick3 is a fun online game service for Pick 3 & 4 players based on the multiple states. Find out the answers to any queries you may have about the game on this page.

PICK 3(4) is a daily draw lottery game that gives players a chance to play three(four) of their favourite numbers, ranging from 0 to 9, either by Straight Play or Box Play.

To play you must have credits (seen in your dashboard). If you click on the dashboard page you will notice you have $25 in free credits when you signed up for the first time. On that same page click Pick3 Play Now Button, and you will be directed to the pick 3 page. First choose your first state. Then enter your numbers and follow the Pick3 cards instructions. When finished with that card press NEXT. Each time you click NEXT your card is uploaded to the Bet Slip (located on the right side of the screen) Note** You must click place bet, in order to complete the bet.

Yes. Click Pick3 or Pick4 from the menu and you can play all available states.

One credit is $1 USD or $1's worth of Bitcoin.

You need only 1 credit to play, box or straight.

Yes, on each card you will see an option to play another game, simply click that button and another card for that state will open so you can choose new numbers, or the same numbers. Maximum amount allowed per day is $500 per state.

1. Play from the convenience of your home.
2. Play in multiple states.
3. We double all deposits up to $1000. (That's like winning instantly.)
4. Everyone that signs up for the first time gets $25 in free credits.

You can buy credits using your credit/debit card. Go to your Dashboard and choose credit/debit card option.

Yes. You can also use Bitcoin. (Don't know how to get Bitcoin?) Well it's easier than you think and we've got you covered. Click this link to watch a step by step video on how to buy bitcoin from the MOST TRUSTED site in the world, This video will guide you step by step in less than 5 minutes. You will then also be shown the 2 step move to send over the bitcoin to our site to purchase credits.

It's entirely up to you. I think the minimum on coinbase is $10. Please keep in mind, as a launch week bonus we are doubling all deposits up to $1000. So it would be smart to get in on that action. If you put down $100, we'll give you $200 worth of credits, up to $1000 deposited which would get you $2000 worth of credits.

*We reserve the right to discontinue the offer at anytime, and we reserve the right to continue the offer past the first week of the launch.

We DON'T. We simply mimic the real world daily lotto numbers. Example: Let's say you're on our site, you choose the state New York. You Play 1 ticket straight, and the number you choose is 123. If the Real World New York number that day comes out and the winning number is 123, then on our site the winning number will be 123 and you would be a winner of $500. By using the real world numbers we gain instant trust through crystal clear transparency. Using the real world numbers makes it impossible to fake or cheat, so relax and enjoy and rest assure your being treated 100% fair for a change.

For all Prize amounts please refer to results page

Yes, currently we accept credit and debit cards through Skrill & Stripe.

Yes, currently we accept Bitcoin

You currently have 2 choices.
1. You can choose to be paid in Bitcoin which usually takes 1-2 days.
2. You can choose to be paid in check mailed directly to you. Takes 7-9 business days.
3. Coming soon, a direct deposit into your bank account.

When you win your step is to notify us by emailing Please supply us with your email address and winning number. If you have the transaction ID it will be helpful as well. Within 24 hours, we will review your win claim and send out the money accordingly.



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